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Testing and Quality Assurance ensures top-notch functionality of a product with Zero error

With the modern technology re-inventing itself at rocket speed, numerous applications are developed with advanced features. Not only the applications, the technology itself is getting advanced, so the organizations are in demand to stand on their toes to give a 100% functional output. To deliver an efficient application with defined functionality, it requires a redefined approach with immediate attention through rigorous testing.

The start-up companies are creating a stir in the world economy. Many ideas from the millennial’s are creating comfort to the customers and at the same time testing services are helping the cause. Generally it requires lot of money to perform testing on any application, but with the quality assurance and testing services from Pantar, it will help you to avail the services at an economical price with experts. All kinds of testing services are provided.

Manual and automation testing services:

Functional Testing, Configuration Testing, Web services Testing, Acceptance Testing, Compatibility Testing, Integration Testing, Load Testing, Security Testing, Automation Testing, Mobile Testing, Migration Testing, Platform Testing, Usability Testing, Network Testing, QA process design.

QA TESTING: Quality assurance testing is defined as a sequential process to determine the quality of a product/service meeting the specified requirements. With QA, reliable products can be manufactured with set requirements. QA process instils confidence in the customer mind-set and enhances the company’s credibility to sky high. It also helps in improving the work processes and efficiency apart from providing ability to compete with others.

Tools We Use: Numerous tools were used in the market to perform testing on the applications. Some of the tools in the list include:

• Automated testing tools like QTP, JUNIT, NUNIT, Selenium, etc.
• Performance testing tools like Load Runner, Rational Performance Test
• Defect tracking tools like Quality Center, Bug zilla.
• In-house developed defect management tool Bug Tracker

Consulting: We at Pantar is holding a huge network of consultants that can help transform your IT applications development alongside the implementation of customized services in implementing latest technologies. We at Pantar have a vast network of consultants and can help you in not only transforming your IT applications but also in implementing the suitable new technologies personalized for you.

• Application Transformation consulting for integrating business goals and strategies with application transformations.
• Cloud computing services to make sure your application remains global, transcending all boundaries.
Avail Testing services with Pantar to get a perfectly developed application for mobile and web.

QA & Testing Solution Offerings

Infrastructure Services

BI analytics services will drive the performance of any organization with data driven insights & predictive models to work on future strategies.Know more

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Industry Solutions

It needs industry expertise and business solution capabilities with deep and broad in financial services.
Create competitive advantage and improve your return on in-store promotions and merchandising spends with our services.
Business and technology experts needed for strategic solutions that address the full scope of healthcare issues today.
Insurance Providers need ready-made solutions with a team of deep practical experience in tailoring insurance solutions.
Solutions well suited to transportation and logistics service providers, including smart yard management, dynamic route planning and analytics.
Redefining the way media and entertainment companies benefit from global services to companies.
Helping industry leaders thrive in a connected world and meet new demands for agility.
Media and cable services providers requires transition over-provisioned applications onto a flexible cloud environment.
Need team expertise in energy and utility verticals will prove to be a best deal for you.
Solutions provide cross-platform measurement with a focus on data quality, along with market research and advanced analytics.
Need innovative thinking, process reinvention and proven tools and best practices that improve business agility across the life sciences ecosystem.
Delivering cutting edge solutions to Manufacturing clients allows to offer a range of services in batch and recipe optimization and business analytics.
Building more connected, convenient, innovative shopper experiences to not only to meet customer demands, but earn their loyalty.
Deliver consulting and solutions tailored to the business and technology challenges all travel and hospitality companies face.



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