Pantar Solutions

Oil & Gas

Pantar offers a wide scope of downstream oil and natural gas sector expertise increased through operational and the executives involvement with worldwide and national oil and gas organizations, significant engineering firms, the board management consultancies, and international development banks. Our master multi-disciplinary teams give an expansive scope of services that draw on Pantars profound understanding of the energy value chain incorporating expertise in upstream, refining technology innovation, power control, petrochemicals, clean energy, and energy innovation to deliver coordinated energy solutions. Pantar’s oil & gas sector counseling services consolidate industry knowledge with set up of strategy and financial tools, tailored for the Oil and Gas segments.

Disseminated generation and customer connections are changing the energy industry. Our Energy Efficiency Delivery gather works to plan and implement programs that customers react to. Procedure & Planning works with big data.
Solutions that put customers and clients first. Pantar is a perceived industry expert in customer engagement techniques, pricing studies, market potential investigations and social program assessments. Using technology and best practices.
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