August 18, 2018
Need to evolve your product portfolio? We offer application development expertise and broad business insight.Few companies offer Pantar Solutions combination of product engineering acumen, business process experience and global reach.
We help software vendors address their most pressing needs, such as migrating to SaaS business models, speeding development cycles and managing licensing revenues.


 Product Engineering

From Agile application development to multi-platform redesign, we can help software vendors evolve their product portfolio to meet the new demands of SaaS, mobile communications and cloud computing.

Whatever the need, we have the knowledge, scale and global reach to help software vendors address their most pressing product engineering challenges. And due to our dedicated commitment to investing in our capabilities, we are continually expanding our software engineering expertise.

We are ready to help software vendors with virtually any product engineering task, including:

  • Product Conceptualization and Ideation
  • Experimental Learning
  • High-Fidelity Prototyping
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Scrum Iterative Development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Full-Spectrum Product Testing
  • User Experience Research and Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Mobility
  • Business Intelligence and Data-Driven User Insights

 Business Process Services

Our business process services for online technology companies and e-commerce retailers span the enterprise, including:
  • SaaS product development
  • Product conceptualization
  • Agile and Scrum iterative development
  • Application testing
  • User experience design
  • Software lifecycle management

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