August 18, 2018

Physical distribution of media is in steep decline. Need to leverage skills in digital content distribution to boost profits.

The music industry is evolving fast from distributors of physical media to providers of online content. Improving monetization of online channels is critical for most publishers today—but only when done in a way that protects them from unlawful distribution and piracy.

From strategy and execution through global support, team services and industry expertise can help you achieve digital transformation and expand into new markets.



Experts help retailers to find the right path to Omnichannel adoption for their brand, based on their customers, competitors and physical and digital assets.
consulting and expertise spans:

  • Omnichannel strategy & roadmap
  • Cross-channel integration
  • E-commerce replatforming
  • International commerce
  • Digital commerce optimization
  • Mobile
  • Digital marketing
  • Agile delivery
  • Loyalty & CRM

 New Media and Delivery

Digital revenues may soon exceed those from physical distribution. Digital Media Services (DMS) offer solutions that optimize efficiencies in digital content distribution. Learn more.

 Mobile Music

The mobile music market is fast evolving into a subscription-based landscape. Considerable experience in this realm includes working with a leading mobile content distributor with a global reach of over a billion consumers.

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