August 18, 2018

Healthcare policy reforms and technological advances have converged to drive demand for new generations of medical devices by hospitals, healthcare clinics, laboratories and governments. With growth come significant challenges—and opportunities. Among them: tighter and more costly product lifecycles and the need to continuously enhance sales and marketing effectiveness and customer support.
Utilizing our integrated portfolio of IT, consulting and business process services, work with industry leaders to improve product development and manufacturing processes across key operational functions and meet the demands of an increasingly stringent regulatory environment. Need to solve challenges across clinical development and production, through compliance management, sales and marketing analytics and logistics/field service.


 Integrated IT, Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing Services

Solutions related to the settlement, safekeeping and reporting of securities and cash.

 Third Party Tools and Solution Sets

Utilizing an integrated portfolio of medical device technology solutions, work with device builders to improve product development and manufacturing processes while meeting the demands of an increasingly‑stringent regulatory environment. Areas of focus include:

  • IT and business consulting
  • Business Process Services
  • Compliance management
  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • Research and development
  • Logistics and field services
  • Supply chain
  • Customer support

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