Business Intelligence Services

Leading and operating a large, multinational business is an information intensive effort, and the requirement for rapid market response and cost pressures provide additional challenges.Recent studies indicate that over 85% of BI implementations fail to meet the objectives of their Business Drivers. Risk is high for decisions based on inaccurate, incomplete or untimely information. Well-structured and comprehensive Business Intelligence Solutions mitigate these risks, creating seamless information access and provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We partner with our customers to advice, build and co-manage an effective BI implementation strategy coupled with a sustainable cost effective execution model.

Pantar Solutions Inc. Business Intelligence Practice uses data warehousing technologies to develop complete business intelligence infrastructures, applications and processes to enhance the competitiveness of our clients. The Business Intelligence Practice combines information and technology to allow our clients to make better business decisions. We are dedicated to assisting clients "Manage the Lifecycle of Data," by turning data into information and converting that information into knowledge. This is achieved through business and technical consulting in Data Warehousing, Data Improvement and Business Intelligence. We utilize scalable, expandable, and high performance technology to meet business needs, while providing solutions from the business and architectural standpoint that can incrementally support the enterprise’s needs.

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