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Date: Jan 20, 2017

PANTAR_ESE - Embedded Software Engineer

Job Duties: Design, develop and support PC Software applications using Embedded C, Microsoft Visual Studio and C#. NET.  Perform system analysis, and testing, including waveform development, system simulation, and algorithm development. Implement a variety of interface logic, control logic and digital signal processing (DSP) designs in field Programmable Gate Array (FPGAs) using Verilog. Perform integration and system level testing of all parts of a system until it meets all requirements. Program microchip micro-controller 16, 18 and 24 architectures with MPLAB X. Will work in Charlotte, NC and/or various client sites throughout the U.S. Must be willing to travel and/or relocate.

Salary: $95,000/year 

Employer: Pantar Solutions Inc 

Location: 112 South Tryon Street, Suite 755, Charlotte, NC and various client sites throughout the U.S. 

Apply to: Pantar Solutions Inc, 112 South Tryon Street, Suite 755, Charlotte, NC 28284 

This notice is provided as a result of the filing of an application for permanent alien labor certification for this job opportunity in compliance with 20 CFR 656.10(d). Any person may provide documentary evidence bearing on this application to: 

Certifying Officer, U.S. Department of Labor
Employment and Training Administration
Atlanta Processing Center
Harris Towers
233 Peachtree Street, Suite 410
Atlanta, GA 30303