August 18, 2018

Healthcare reform promises to funnel new customers to government and public health programs. Yet budget restraints put pressure on healthcare organizations ability to expand services and manage their influx of members. At the same time, constituents demand accountability for their tax dollars, alongside calls for improved services and efficiencies.
Technology and business processes allow to address immediate issues presented by health reform and related regulatory actions. Team help cost-effectively adapt to whatever unexpected requirements the future may bring.


 Regulatory Compliance

Team helps healthcare organizations evaluate the impact of regulatory requirements and implement supporting solutions to help ensure compliance.

  • ICD-10
  • Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Dual eligible
  • Medicare Advantage
  • MITA 3.0

 Integrated Health Management (Health 2.0)

Team helps healthcare organizations evaluate, prepare and implement the transformational programs necessary to provide coordinated, comprehensive care for patients and consumers.

  • ACO
  • mHealth
  • Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Care coordination/management

 Health Intelligence and Analytics

The ability to access and leverage data is changing the way business decisions are made, with rich insights enabling evidence-based decision-making and proactive planning.Team helps healthcare organizations integrate multiple data sources and technologies to increase productivity and drive collaboration.

  • Analytics strategy
  • ACO
  • Process innovations

 Investigative Services

Enabling organizations to identify and resolve intentional and unintentional errors or verify the absence of both is critical. With significant dollars being lost to fraud and abuse each year, investigation and recovery efforts are critical to an organization’s overall financial health. Solutions span these areas:

  • Audits
  • Over/under payment recovery
  • Fraud and abuse

 Operational Improvement

By introducing IT-enabled processes, organizations can reduce costs while improving process efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, these processes can drastically improve overall patient and/or member satisfaction. Expertise in:

  • Best-in-class series (Claims, Enrollment, Medical Management)
  • Requirements
  • Product evaluation and selection
  • Operational readiness (BPS)


New consumer-focused operating models in healthcare require a shift in thinking, forcing many companies to move from a B2B to a B2C focus. Team helps healthcare organizations understand the requirements for health benefit exchanges and manage the patient and member experience with solutions that drive engagement—and help build effective strategies for member identification and retention.

  • Customer engagement
  • Customer experience
  • Customer retention

 Implementation Services

Need complete IT implementation and support services, including:

  • Legacy systems modernization
  • Administrative, claims management, clinical and electronic health record implementations
  • Custom development and maintenance
  • Systems integration and program management
  • ERP and CRM systems
  • Data Warehouse
  • E-health, self-service applications and portal development

 Medicaid Management Information Systems

Need complete IT implementation and support services, including:

With extensive experience on all MITA business areas and a solid foundation in Medicaid information architecture, Team provides a wide range of services to help MMIS vendors execute and manage large transformative MMIS implementation or modernization programs.

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