August 18, 2018
Broadcasting group has deep industry expertise working with top broadcasters worldwide. Team should address the most important business and technology issues facing these companies, such as how to align content offerings with changing or fluctuating consumer demand.Other areas of focus include increasing audience engagement through targeted content delivery and implementing more efficient approaches to managing media assets and rights.


 Social CRM

Combine the way you manage information with the ever-growing interaction of social media through innovative approaches to data analytics and the latest CRM developments.

 Mobile Broadcasting

Refine your approach to evaluating and developing custom mobile apps as the engine for new revenue opportunities.

 Digital Media Services

Obtain support for digitizing your content archive and multi-stream distribution systems. Services include product asset management, enterprise asset management and our hosted Digital Asset Management Solution (assetSERV) for dynamic content management. assetSERV uses the service model to manage all digital assets used by broadcasters.

 Broadcast Technology and Operations

Cloud technologies for broadcast media management provide the most cost-effective platform for storing, protecting and distributing content.

 Broadcast Business Management Systems

Achieve tight integration among the following business areas to drive business agility and ensure operational costs are kept under control:

Our supply chain consulting and services span:

  • Rights
  • Advertising sales
  • Financials
  • Traffic systems
  • Data analytics
  • Social media analytics and reporting
  • Advertising campaign management

 Content Security

Allow content owners to securely deliver media over diverse platforms to multiple devices without impacting the viewing experience.

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